domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Software Architecture

For my graduation project, use the ICEfaces technology with the GlassFish application server and a PostgreSQL database.

The following architecture diagram will show which shows the components used.

To implement this architecture was needed research and analysis
different frameworks, technologies, languages and standards that address and are related to the topic in question.
The technology used for software development was J2EE, this technology has the components to develop an application with business logic components, drivers, vision and a framework for presenting the user view. It also has a GlassFish Application Server and in which the publication of the application.
The following diagram shows the interaction between the client and server, and how it produces the flow of information from the database, through a prosecution brought by the components and finally presenting the results to the user in a web browser.
Figure 13 shows the architectural style used. It is organized according to the standard Model View Controller design.

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